100% Patagonia Dunkel with Trou Du Diable

BSG’s Brewing Ingredient Specialist Deborah Wood recently paid a visit to Trou Du Diable’s original brewpub in Shawnigan QC for a collaboration brew – a Munich Dunkel lager brewed with 100% Patagonia malt

The malt bill consisted of:

  • 73% Patagonia Pilsner
  • 15% Patagonia Munich
  • 5% Patagonia Caramel 15
  • 4% Patagonia Caramel 45
  • 3% Patagonia Perla Negra

The wort OG was 12.9° P; it was hopped with Tettnang and Triskel, and fermented with SafLager S-189. Deb comments:

Visually this brew is on the upper level of the color range for the style with approximately 17 SRM’s. The highly drinkable strain of Lager yeast that we choose to use is originally from the Swiss Hurlimann Brewery, this yeast will let the beauty of the malt shine.

Thanks to Alexandre, Andre, and Stephane for hosting!