Grower Profile: Colin & Alana Oldham, New Hoplands

Colin & Alana Oldham

New Hoplands

Rakau, Nelson

Colin Oldham’s Granddad Jack founded what would become New Hoplands in 1953 when he bought a dairy farm that included one acre of hops. Over the next few years, Jack Oldham cleared …

Grower Profile: Anton & Beate Schlagbauer, Plank

Anton & Beate Schlagbauer


Laimerstadt, Hallertau

Founded in 1820 by Johann Schlagbauer (although, as is the case with many farms in Hallertau, hops were already being grown here) Anton and Beate are the 6thgeneration to farm Plank. …

Grower Profile: Bartholomäus & Eleonore Obster, Peterlippl Farm

Bartholomäus & Eleonore Obster

Peterlippl Farm

Buch, Hallertau

Bartholomäus and Eleonore are the 10thgeneration of Obsters to farm Peterlippl, which was founded in 1661 by Kaspar Heckmaier. Growing a mix of traditional and new varieties, the Obsters are …